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New & Replacment

Ed Rutherford Roofing, Inc specializes in all types of roofing applications for commercial and industrial properties. From major manufacturing facilities to local businesses, schools, municipal projects, restaurants  and everything in between. Flat roof, low-slope, metal roof retrofits - we do it all. We are certified to install some of the top name manufacturers in the industry such as PVC, TPO, EPDM, Spray Coating, Waterproofing, and Architectural Metal. We are one of the few in the country that are certified as Master Elite Contractors for Duro-Last. You earn this from the manufactures by exceeding their standards for sales volume, quality roof inspection scores, and consultation process. Ed Rutherford Roofing, Inc has a proven track record of high quality installations working for property managers, condominium associations, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and major restaurant chains. We also work for a variety of builders and architects.

Metal Retrofit:  How We Can Work with Your Aging,

Metal Roof

Do you have a problem with an aging, metal roof that needs repair or replacement? Does your roof show signs of leaks from rainwater entry, condensation, or ice back-up at the eaves and gutters? Ed Rutherford Roofing has the solution: metal retrofit . Metal retrofit involves laying a new roof membrane over your existing metal roof. As long as your existing roof still has good integrity, it can be prepped and primed for a metal retrofit. The first step involves placing polystyrene flute fillers over the existing roof and covering them with a poly-isocyanurate rigid insulation to make a base for the roofing membrane.   The custom-made Duro-Shield membrane  is then fastened over this base. The fastening system used to attach your membrane provides outstanding strength throughout severe weather conditions.   Finally, a metal closure goes into the existing gutter, and new gutter straps are added. Advantages of Metal Retrofit versus Roof Replacement  lower cost of installation  less downtime for your organization additional insulation  reduced or eliminated condensation / great waterproofing solution  reduced energy costs  a 15 or 20-year warranty Depending on the severity of your metal roof problem, Ed Rutherford Roofing can offer you the right solution to fit your roofing need. And the metal retrofit is recommended as the most complete and predictable solution to your aging, metal roof problems.

Metals and Roofing Acessories

Exceptional Roofs Require Exceptional Details EXCEPTIONAL Metals manufactures edge components and accessories as well as standing seam metal panels that can complement any roof design and effectively channel water off the rooftop. Papapet Wall Vent Arched Coping Snap coping Fascia Cover ART Hub 2-Piece Flex Collector Box with Downspout Assembly 2-Piece Snap-On Compression Metal Flange Scupper


Precisely crafted to exact specifications, collector boxes with an attached scupper are an ideal through wall drainage option. Conductors are attached to an outside wall beneath scuppers. Use a metal flange scupper in conjunction with the conductor for an aesthetically-appealing appearance from the ground.

Edge Details

Edge products deliver dependable high-quality performance. Each Duro-Last manufacturing facility stocks 2-piece compression metal, gravel stop covers, and fascia bar covers. These products can be shipped within five business days when ordered in these finishes: stone white, sierra tan, medium bronze, and dark bronze.  These edge details are manufactured using vinyl-coated metal with a 6” attached membrane skirt making them easily weldable to Duro-Last roof membrane. Variety of edge products to meet building requirements. Whether it’s a vinyl-coated edge detail, radius edge, or custom edge profile, EXCEPTIONAL Metals can provide a solution that delivers watertight integrity.


Various coping systems that can provide a complete finish and enhance drainage from any parapet wall. Arched coping systems provide a smooth finish that is an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to traditional piecing.

Custom Capabilities

We take ideas and transform them into real products that solve problems, enhance appearance, and improve productivity. With our customized capabilities, we take concepts and transform them into real-world products.
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