“BEING THERE” for Our Clients

Since 1986, our commitment to “BEING THERE” for our clients has resulted in tremendous growth and the ability to adapt to client specific needs and innovative changes. Our business was been built and stands today, to be committed to excellence in quality as the forefront of all of business practices. Please examine the following partial list of the milestones and achievements of ED Rutherford Roofing.  1986 - Began as an independent contractor for commercial roofing systems 1993 – Proudly joined the Duro-Last family 1999 – Achieved Top Qualification awards from Duro-Last for TOP SALES PERFORMANCE. An award which is present in recognition of outstanding top sales in our region [Missouri ] 1996 -Present – ACHIEVED TOP QUALIFICATION awards from DURO-LAST as a CENTRURY CLUB MEMBER. An award , which is presented in recognition of outstanding achievement in Quality Workmanship, Customer Satisfaction and Goals Achieved Achieved Top Qualification awards from Duro-Last as a Master Roofing contractor from an award which is presented in recognition of installing DURO-Last roofing systems, rated Excellent aesthetically... 2001-Present -  Achieved Top Qualification awards from Duro-Last as an ELITE ROOFING CONTRACTOR. An award which is presented in recognition of installing DURO-Last roofing systems, rated Outstanding in Workmanship. . We have applied Millions of square feet of Duro-Last material alone. We maintain a crew of Top Notch personal. All of our applicators attend mandatory annual training for duro-last applications. Successfully and competently able to implement a considerable selection of roof styles, i.e. Ballast, Flat, Multiple- Pitch, Industrials or Institutional roof. WE can do it Licensed, bonded and insured. Full insurance coved General Liability, Auto, Umbrella and complete Workman’s compensation. Affiliated with Local 2 Union in Saint- Louis Mo.

The Best Roofing Contractor in Missouri

We have roofed over 2,000,000 square feet of commercial projects Priced significantly lower than other roofing contractors Professionally trained staff - the best in the business Budget development and long term planning assistance Duro-Last Elite Contractor Using superior products, our work is guaranteed and built to last Let a member of our team come out for a free inspection and help plan for your future roofing projects. A roof leak into a building can be very costly and aggravating to a building owner. By making the proper repairs and with the right type of roofing maintenance a building owner can save this money towards a new roof when necessary. Particularly for roof areas installed at different times or exposed to different conditions, a professional investigation can help decide which roofs need maintenance (good general condition) , restoration or roof repair (salvageable condition), of full replacement (poor condition). We can also provide insulation systems, tapered insulation system, architectural sheet metal, roof accessories and skylights to meet all your exterior needs. Please call today for a free estimate at 573.735.2594 or visit our contact page and one of our experts will soon get back to you to set up an appointment.
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